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Power Of Ancient Divine Soma Is A Precious Gift To Mankind, Elixir Sages & Seers Of Bharat
Authors: Prof Dr. Rajgopal. S. Dr. Ogirala, S.Josyulu & Veda Murthy and Dr. Shri. Narendra Kapre Guruji

Ancient legacy — Modern boon


Soma has been shrouded in mystery for centuries. It is simultaneously a sacred hallucinogen plant used in secret Hindu rituals,a personified god and a vital cosmological principle: yet despite its Importance, scholars have been unable to positively Identify Soma or to pierce the mysteries surrounding its use.Soma provides an Important key to understanding the earliest systemized methods of medicine, psychology, magic, rejuvenation, longevity and Alchemy.

Most significant is that Sacred Soma Vedic Science Research Foundation Intensive research has at last produced a convincing and surprising Identification of the plants used to create the Soma drink (Somarasa).Soma the Divya Mahaaushadhi of India, as well as member if the Mahaushadhi Varga,with the renewed Interest in the ritual use of psychoactive substances, shamanism and psychoactive phenomena.Soma provides a much needed bridge between Eastern and Western esoteric traditions contained within the enigmatic verses about Soma in the Rigveda is a secret about ourselves and the nature of our relationship to the world and cosmas, Sacred Soma Vedic Science Research Foundation makes this knowledge available to us once again.

Discussion And Conclusion

The Soma plant was not only associated with the Rig Vedic people; but was also known as‘Haoma’ by Avastan people. The divine power of Haoma is much praised in Avasta (the sacredbook of the Zoroastrians), that it bestowed its worshippers with the best of the world i.e. the celestial world. Its medicinal property confers health and longevity, victory over the enemies and elevates the heart of everyone irrespective of the economic status.

The twig known as ‘Ansu’in Rig Veda is designated as ‘Asu’ in Avasta. The name Soma still restored in the regions of Baluchi and Pashto as ‘Hum’ and in Gilgat, Chitral,Nuristhan as ‘Sum’, which reminds the ethnobotanical aspects of Aryan culture pertaining to this plant.The simple and sacred description of the Soma plant in Vedic literature; dicta in Manusmruti in favour of Somarasa and against Suraa; expanded research in Aayurveda to project 24 varieties of plants as Soma and 18 more plants as alternatives to Soma with rigorous treatise of Soma drinking demarcates the way that the plant being ethnobotanically associated with human life since the time immemorial.

Moreover, the identification of about 20 different plants as Soma with different old and new schools of thought on morphological, biochemical, narcotic and hallucinogenic basis and from phyto-geographic and socio-cultural point of view, has opened a new vista of independent research.

Other than Soma, Indian Aayurvedic research, through centuries has identified a good number of drugs for restorative treatments. At Present Out Of 24 Varieties Soma Plants 8 are cultivated in south and western India .In this context, the effect of Soma Rasa was said to be multidimensional; may be aphrodisiac,restorative or elevator of mental stature; but it was never intoxicating or a hallucinogenic product.

  1. Effects Of Ultimate Maha Soma Yajnya – A Scientific Analysis & Documentary

    Authors: Soma Shri. Sunil S.Sambare (Yoga Somacharya- Founder President)

Agnihotra is a sacred tradition started by ‘Rishis’ of Ancient India. It is considered as the worship of the Lord Yagya Naarayana. “Agnihotra” means worshipping Lord Vishnu – Naarayana riding in the divine serpent and controlling the cosmos.

The Great Yaagaas that can be done in kaliyuga are the Seven Somayaagas. Aapthoryaamam is the Seventh. Using a holy pyre (Agnihothram) and the shaasthras, incorporating the ancient (Sanaathana) Indian Vedic knowledge and increasing life energy in nature via the Somarasa derived from the Somalatha and submitting it to Nature (Gods) is the Somayaagam. Soma means moon (Sa + Uma) and also means Lord Shiva.

Uma mean Shakthi or Energy. Moon light influences nature and hearts of all living things. followed. But Yagams are different from these. Performing a Somayagnam is not based on mythology (History). It is related to Vedaas. It means that it is related to the science of knowledge.. The number of manthra (hymns) chapters in the nine somayagnams include 33 Shruthi-Sasthraas. Shruthi is manthrams from Saamavedham, sasthraas are Rigveda manthra. Names of the nine somayagnams are decided based on these Shruthi-sasthraas. “Vedhaanaam Somavedhosmi” was said by the Jagadhguru Sri Krishna himself.

Without saamavedha there is no somayaagam. Saamavedham is central to somayaagam. In somayaagam, apart from particularly constructing the yagnasthala in accordance with the body measurements of the owner, ghee from cows milk, sticks (samidhas) from various tree varieties, vessels (yagnapaathraas) made from special mud, vessels made from wood types such as Medi, Banyan, Chandra, cow milk, goat milk, specially made bricks and other such liquids are used along with Somalatha.By doing Somayaaga, our personal wishes and desires may not be obtained but what nature needs is absolutely obtained.

The Lecture will highlight relevant information on Soma Yagya Documentary Report with its Environmental Analytical and Scientific Observations. {Veda Vignan Mein Rashtra Darshan}





Authors: Soma. Shri.. Sunil S. Sambare (Yoga –Somacharya) & Dr. O. S. Josyulu – Scientist – Hyderabad)

Divya Soma Rashtriya Veda Vignan Anusandhan Peeth / Sacred Soma Vedic Science Research Foundation Hyderabad Human civilization, even by the current study parameters, has been working in progress for hundreds of years. Over the years, we have not only tried to understand the world we live in but also tried to create a world that we feel is more suitable to our liking.

Many Innovators, Scientists and Socio-Economic Scientists, have given path breaking ideas that have changed forever the way we live. But this was not a process that started a couple of hundred years ago. Scholars & experts have been trying to decode this world for many years now. hey worked in various fields i.e. family, Education, Health, Social, Cultural, Environmental, Water, Agriculture, Cow & Catle protection.

We believe that the Vedas are an ancient source of knowledge & information about technologies & sciences to maintain equilibrium between human society & nature. We strongly believe that we can bring a positive & harmonious change in our life with shift in our paradigms and lifestyles. But on the account Modern Way of Living , Happiness , Natures Gift is completely lost and replaced (destroyed) with Industrial Technology Development due to which Environment’s Ecological cycles of balance is disturbed.

Unpredicted Season’s , Acidic rains, Extreme Rise in Temperature’s by this imbalances and danger’s to be faced by Whole Mankind and Vanaspathi Ozone layer has weakened in the Antarctica region. Due to this reason all the living objects on the earth are receiving dangerous Ultra Violet Rays and these are spread into the atmosphere.

This resulted with hazardous diseases i.e., cancer, eye and other related serious health problems growing in many folds .By adapting methods of pesticides and fertilizers results are not yielding. Lastly POISONOUS FOOD IS SERVED on our Dining Table. In return Psychological Depression, Fear, Anxiety, Loneliness has taken place encouraging the direction towards Liquor and drugs.

Family, Social, Cultural, National and International, behaviour has become rotten and pushed the humans to dark depths of human nature. It is our resolve to spread the world harmony & a sustainable lifestyle. In the modern era, ancient knowledge is considered obsolete. The concepts that are considered modern have been in the learning of the Vedas for centuries now. For instance the fact that the SUN is the centre surrounded by nine planets is still the same. The five elements that make this world are still the same. Human anatomy & physiology as explained in the Ayurvedic texts can be seen to be true even today.

What has changed is, of course, the ways of gaining this knowledge. Modern technology has enabled a wide angled view of the universe.But that alone cannot render the philosophies of the Vedas redundant.

KNOWLEDGE – The knowledge is of two types: Para and Apara

Para Vidya (Spiritual or Esoteric Knowledge)*AparaVidya (Material or Worldly Knowledge)

The battle has always been between science & spirituality. Here, science being current researches & spirituality being ancient knowledge. Many tend to categories ancient science as spirituality. It might have been a valid debate in times when spirituality was dominated by beliefs rather than the science that it represents. Science & Spirituality are not considered two different wings in the Vedas.

They are considered two essential elements of the world. In Vedic Sciences, it is proposed that the idea of science as being the means and spirituality being the purpose (WAY OF LIFE). They both are integral part of our existence. Most of the Vedic Sciences have application both these avenues of our lives. The result achieved is felt & sensed at different levels. Vedas are, generally, misunderstood as the textbooks of rituals & holy practices. The truth can’t be farther than this. Vedas are scriptures that help DECODE THE WORLD around us.

These scriptures help everyone to understand this world & lead a contented life. The whole idea is to believe that the essence. Many efforts have been made to explain the concepts of could be better appreciated if it is understood in its authentic settings. YOGA , AYURVEDA, NITYA VEDIC AGNIHOTRA (HOMA THERAPY) !!!

In a more modern background, it loses the real meaning of Vedic Philosophy. There are various theories that have to be understood in its Authentic thought to get whole idea. For the concept of Tri Doshas & Tri Gunas of Ayurveda or the Chakras (Plexes) in Yoga can be fully explained using modern anatomical synonyms. But location, identification & time is a factor.


“Agnihotra” is a sacred tradition started by ‘Rishis’ of Ancient India. It is considered as the worship of the Lord Yagna Naarayana. “Agnihotra” means worshipping Lord Vishnu – Naarayana riding in the divine serpent and controlling the cosmos. In this view, ’Agnihotra’ is the aggregation of Meditation , remembering the name of the Lord, act of the devotion, surrender and Yoga . It is performed in the Vedic manner. In Agnihotra , the evening ‘Yagna ‘ performed by the ‘Agnihotra ‘ is offered to the lord Agni Naarayan and the Morning ‘Yagna’ is offered to the Lord Surya Naarayana (SUN).

Yajnya Narayan Bhagwan Ki Jai

Lokaa Samasthaa Sukino Bhavanthu (Let Peace Pervade The Whole World).