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It is time to return and restore the Indian tradition before embarking on this epoch making re-discovery of the ancient divine soma plant.

The project on the power of the divine soma plant is a precious gift to mankind and the elixir of life of sages and seers of Bharat and shrouta ultimate maha soma yagyas

In the past, our Bharata Varsha, the jewel box of scriptures and the richest, lost many of its treasures under the pressure of numerous invasions by many western rulers and forced decadence imparted on the society. Many ancient, sacred Yagyas and Maha Oushadhis (medicines) were also forgotten and lost with time as a result of several foreign influences.

Due to the various quests of Bharat during this period we have lost our wealth of precious Vedic heritage science and noble knowledge of Sanatana Dharma for generations. Reviving the lost knowledge of Soma Yagya.

“Divine Soma Plant”, which was based on the principles of Swadeshi Chikitsa Paddhati on ‘The power of ancient divine Soma is a precious gift’.  To mankind and the elixir of sages and seer’s over past millennia of Bharat’. We have worked out extensively for a period of 22 years on a “Innovative Noble Mission” for Bharat. It is the last resourse and rashtriya sampatti of Bharat for the next generation. It is a gateway to India and to the world.

National Anthem Vande Mataram


Divya Soma Rashtriya Veda Vigyan Anusandhan Peeth.

The Peeth has been able to produce ground breaking research which has helped in identification of Soma plant and enabled its invariable use in Soma Yagya. On the basis of the scientifically proven facts through scientific and analytical studies and the faith in the Vedas, we believe that Soma Yagya would catalyse our efforts in restoring the age-old tradition of Bharata Varsha and assist in reviving the society to help in achieving greater heights and would pave a path for spiritual and scientific advancement.

The Peeth is actively working in the Vedic Science Research Wing with actively diversified areas from Akhila Bharatiya level locked into by 151 Soma Dhoots Members – a team of sincerely intellectual and respectful personalities, from 18 divisions of expertise comprising of Ahitagni scientists, vice chancellors, intellectuals, research scholars, philanthropists and students.

To take up the sensitisation mission, perform Soma Yajanas and to conduct scientific study as well as observation, mapping the impact on the nature, environment, atmosphere and society directly and indirectly involved in the process of the aim of the Peeth along with the betterment of the environment and rains for cultivation to help farmer’s and people’s health.

The areas identified for the School of Environmental changes in disorder and results to establish the purification effects of Divya Soma Yagya, follows School of Environments Analytical Scientific Studies of Research Methodology, results to establish purification effects of future aspects on soil, water and air, vegetation and health} for the change in environment to study on the scientific analytical research observation and to understand inner depth of Shrouta’s Vidya,. In this connection, we have undertaken a study and published a documentary report on analytical scientific observation.

The tagline that expresses in Guru  Datta Parampara and breathed virtually the knowledge and Pratishthan is a family which wants to know by the way of realisation and his blessings, what spirituality is, where does it exist and where does it has to be searched.

Divya Soma Rashtriya Veda Vigyan Anusandhan Peeth, is an “Innovative  noble mission of Nav Nirmaan Bharat”. During this period we met Santh, Sajjan, Shakti and BuddhiJeevi of this Motherland. 

With a defining moment in the contemporary history of our great country, certainly reflected and replaced by poisonous seeds sown from the politicians minds the trust that people’s hearts placed to chart the future course of our nation.

The Peeth had undertaken 22 ultimate Soma Yagyas in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala and conducted analytical scientific observations on Vedic Science Research Wing and published a documentary report on “Veda Vignan Mein Rashtra Darshan (Rig ,Yajur, Sama and Atharva Veda)”,

“Divya Soma Rashtriya Veda Vignan Anusandhan Peeth” and its activities parallel with Vedic Life Sciences Research de-coded in 22 Years and made a valuable invention by re-discovering and uncovering the ancient divine Soma plants and ultimate Soma Yajnya (analytical and scientific observation). It is because the sacred Soma Vedic Science Research Foundation, itself an organisation that has taken precious projects,  is related to guru parampara of ancient Bharat values and its endeavour.

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